Xag Network Precious Metals MLM – Why the Explosive Growth?

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Xag Network, Silver Snowball, Numis Network, Silver Coin Reserve and on and on. Within the last year because of the increasing turmoil of the global economy there has been a massive discovery by the masses as to what real money actually is, and what it is not. With this discovery many Americans and people around the world are trying to find ways to earn Silver and Gold Bullion as fast as they can at below spot prices and even for free. The problem with these occasional awakenings is that there is always the vultures looking to exploit the uneducated in any subject.

We have all seen how “Cash For Gold” has sprung onto the networks exploiting the average American. “Sell Us Your Gold”, and to think that people actually put their gold into an envelope and ship it to a company for valuation is absolutely crazy. Especially when it’s as easy as knowing what Karat the gold is, and how many grams you have. Anyone can Google “Gold Calculator” and it will tell you what your gold or silver is actually worth. I bring up that point to simply say one thing. Precious Metals Affiliate programs and Network Marketing Programs may or may not be doing the same things. So just take caution when looking into them.

After looking into the mainstream Silver bullion affiliate and MLM programs out there, its interesting to me that among the main four I’ve looked into, they all seem to be in a category all to themselves. For Example the Numis Network is a company that deals with “Numismatic” or “Collectible” coins. These are bullion coins that are sent to a grading service, Slabbed into a sealed case and graded. This process turns a normal silver bullion coin worth $20 into a “Collectible” coin that you have to pay a premium to purchase of upward of $100 dollars. Many numismatists in the industry don’t agree with this concept because a numismatic coin by definition should be, scarce, rare, old, and hard to find in good condition. Contrast a program like Numis Network with an Affiliate program such as the Silver Snowball. Silver Snowball is not an MLM it’s an Affiliate Marketing Program. In this program we are not dealing with Numismatic Coins but with standard Silver Bullion American Silver Eagles. This affiliate program is simple to understand. For every two Coins sold you earn one free Silver Bullion coin. Unlike Numis this is a company dealing in Bullion and you can not earn from the efforts of a downline. These are two companies that are in the silver business, but cant be classified in the same category.

Numismatic MLM Vs. Silver Bullion Affiliate program.

Xag Network seems to Fill the gap where Numis Network lacked in the sense that with Xag Network the product is Not a Numismatic Collectible coin, but a Silver Bullion Coin, with the Canadian Maple Leaf as its flagship product. Xag Network also fills the void that the Silver Snowball couldn’t fill, although the Silver Snowball is dealing in Silver Bullion and not numismatics, the program is an affiliate program and doesn’t allow you to earn from the efforts of others as you work together to build a team or organization. This i see is the main reason for Xag’s success and explosive growth since it jump onto the seen just a few months ago with a free prelauch. Xag gives people everything they are looking for in one place.

Price-point: $40
Monthly Auto-ship: $40
Product: Canadian Maple Leaf “Silver Bullion”
Compensation: 5×8 Forced Matrix. Many including myself believe the Matrix is the best comp plan invented to date.

Currently people are looking for an affordable “Silver Bullion Program” because the price of Silver Bullion has risen dramatically over the past five years. With the medias release of the new Silver Bullion Manipulation scandal that involves JP Morgan and Chase, and Gurus such as Robert Kyosaki, and Trends forecaster Gerald Celente looking into a massive increase in Silver Prices in the near future, this business seems to have a very good chance of a perpetual, gradual, growth as more and more individuals become awakened to the currency crisis that seems unavoidable worldwide. The policies of the Federal Governments seems to be Print, Print, Print, Inflate, Inflate, Inflate, this can only lead to one thing realistically: A WEAK DOLLAR with silver and gold prices shooting up as our currency looses buying power.

In my opinion if you are looking for a Silver Affiliate Program the Silver Snowball is the best by far, but if you are looking for an MLM company dealing in silver bullion Xag Network is by far the most affordable, has a beautiful product, and implemented a great compensation. In my personal experience nobody can be harmed by giving a company like Xag Network a go, and it’s always a win-win whenever you have assets coming to you on autopilot. My personal feeling with regards to the silver programs out there is that most will take your money, but there are a few that can put free silver in your personal vault if you know how to work them.

Whatever you do you should be trying to acquire Silver Bullion as fast as you can. Xag Network is just one great way to achieve that goal. Meanwhile watch videos on You-Tube such as “The Dollar Bubble” and “Melt-Up”, listen to the Peter Schiff’s, and the Ron Paul’s of the world out there, they are the only ones with enough courage to swim upstream, to go against the grain and give it to us straight.

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