Would You Buy or DIY a Bike Wall Mount?

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There are hundreds of options out there when it comes to acquiring a bike wall mount. Many people have pondered this project, either out of lack of storage space, or just to fill up empty wall space. Bike wall mounts have been getting a lot of buzz lately, so much so that a niche market has emerged and turned this storage solution into a hip way to decorate your home. Whatever the reason, if you need to store your bicycle indoors, here are the pros and cons of your options.

DIY Pros

It’s not difficult to build your own bike wall mount: you just have to make sure that your mechanism will hold the weight, and that there is a way to easily secure it to the wall. The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to display your bicycle vertically, or horizontally. Horizontally is seemingly the more popular way, since it takes up a big chunk of empty wall space and is more aesthetically pleasing. If you hang it vertically, it tends to be in the way since it pops out from the wall. If space isn’t an issue for you, then you can easily install a large hook to the ceiling or wall to secure the bike vertically. To mount horizontally, you can also use hooks, or a re-purposed material like drop handles from another bicycle, steel pipes, or wooden pegs.

DIY Cons

Installing a bike wall mount yourself is not always as functional, nor as aesthetically pleasing as some of the options out there for sale. You’ll need to make sure the materials you select are strong enough to hold the weight, and that you use a good stud finder to make sure it is firmly mounted to the wall.

Buy Pros

Niche markets create items that are perfectly designed to meet a specific need. There are several brands out there that have created bike wall mounts that look like works of art in their own right, which also offer storage for things like helmets, accessories, and keys. If you are a true biking enthusiast, then buying a wall mount from a special supplier supports a small business in an industry you are passionate about, and looks way cooler. It serves as a statement piece that adds character to your home, and a conversation piece about something you love, rather than just providing a simple storage solution.

Buy Cons

As with nearly all DIY projects, doing it yourself is cheaper. If you are simply looking for an easy storage solution for your bicycle, rather than creating a work of art in your home, you may find that the DIY option will work best for you.

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