Will Your Current CV Result In An Interview?

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Whilst some enjoy the chase, the majority of people consider finding a job to be a difficult and daunting prospect at the best of times. This, coupled with the current economic climate, some may find it more overwhelming than normal.

Competition for work is pretty fierce at present, with most jobs advertised attracting 100’s of applications. Consequently, employers do not have the time to sift through stacks of CVs and will generally spend less than one minute evaluating your CV.

Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to ensure you make the right impression the second the reader’s eyes hit the page; not allowing them to reject your application due to monotony, repetition and mistakes within your CV.

It is amazing just how many CVs still have curriculum vitae at the top, why waste a valuable line stating the obvious? Instead, simply state your name and contact details. Focus should then be placed on getting your personal profile absolutely perfect as this can be a powerful marketing tool when written correctly, encouraging the reader to delve further into your CV. Your personal profile should outline where you are in your career, state your career objective and include statements which highlight your competencies.

The majority of CVs are incorrectly written using ‘I’ and ‘my’, are inconsistent, poorly formatted, contain a host of grammatical errors and are littered with spelling mistakes. Your CV is your personal sales document and not only should it be perfect; it must convince the recruiter to meet you in person.

Hence, your CV needs to showcase your strongest abilities and convey your experience with the use of quantifiable impact statements and specific power words; not ineffectual paragraphs, irrelevant information, fancy fonts and colours when presenting your past and present employment information. Make use of your keys skills and achievements and document them to reinforce your career history and encourage the recruiter to interview you.

Take a closer look at your CV, is it presenting you in the best light and attaining interviews? Do you need help?

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