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Videos and customer engagement.

Some experts have called video the ‘ultimate marketing tool’ and it’s fast becoming a regular feature in many business’ marketing strategies. Video, whether it uses real footage or animation, can breathe life into a company’s online presence. It’s versatile enough to be used on social networking sites, emails or advertisements – and a great tool for making brands more visible.

It’s a well known saying that ‘content is king’ when it comes to customer engagement. But content needn’t mean reams of text. Video is dynamic, vibrant and interactive as well as informative – the perfect medium for encouraging customers to engage with a company or brand.

Get your message across.

Quite simply, people enjoy using videos. They look good, they’re interactive and attention grabbing in a way that other content just isn’t. The combination of audio and imagery reinforces messaging more strongly than a single medium would be capable of doing. Besides this, the possibilities of what message you want to portray and how you want to achieve this are limitless – whether you want to draw customers’ attention to certain calls to action, display products for sale or persuade viewers to sign up to an event.

A cost-effective medium.

While developing a bespoke animation video requires investment, creating a video from live footage needn’t be. Most advertising agencies offer a video package, but it’s also fairly straightforward to create a video in-house, as long as you have a decent camera, good editing software and some basic training. That said, professionally produced videos look slicker and are still inexpensive compared with traditional print advertising. They’re also versatile and can be shaped into a variety of formats, whether to suit large screen, mobile phones, tablets or use on websites.

Video is tried-and-tested.

A video is an established medium and it’s not going anywhere. Since the 1880s when motion pictures first started becoming popular, there have been fairly significant changes to the physical medium – from tapes to DVDs and web streaming – but the idea remains the same and is as strong as ever. YouTube remains one of the most popular websites there is – if this popularity is anything to go by, it would seem that video is as engaging a medium as it ever was, regardless of how and where it is used.

Video brings traffic to a website.

Video is compatible with social bookmarking and flexible enough to be able to be hosted in various different locations. A video on Facebook or YouTube could encourage curiosity in a business or brand which might encourage potential customers to click through to the main website. Once customers are there, they are more likely to convert.

Video goes with the package.

Most advertising companies recognise the value of video as a marketing tool and will offer to create and produce videos as part of a wider marketing strategy. Google’s search algorithms index video and it is less penalised than other content, so it can help your company remain visible to potential customers.

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