Why Upgrade Your ATV or Motorcycle?

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Upgrade what you already have for practical reasons.

Maybe you like your ride as is but it’s not serving your needs. You can add cargo racks or boxes, fender or saddlebags to your ATV and to many motorcycles. Use them for carrying anything from fishing and hunting supplies to your lunch. The size of your vehicle will determine how much extra storage you can add. Some bigger motorcycles even have their own luggage containers.

You can also upgrade individual stock parts for better performance from the vehicle and longer life. Perhaps you want to upgrade the exhaust system on your bike, so you don’t wake the neighbours when you leave for work in the morning. The list of upgrades you can add to your bike or ATV is extensive: winches, tires, wheels, mirrors – pretty much everything.

Upgrade what you have for vanity reasons.

Riding is fun – even when you ride for the most utilitarian of reasons. So upgrading your ride can make it even more fun. Say you want to ride more aggressively. New wheels and shocks on your current ATV or bike can create a completely different feel – like a new bike but for a much lower price.

Maybe you really like the look of your ATV or motorcycle – so much so that you want to customize it. These are sexy vehicles and individualizing them makes them an extension of ourselves. Perhaps you want chrome rims on your ATV or other chrome highlights. Or a rear spoiler on your touring bike adds flair. Even a unique paint job may be a significant upgrade if it makes you happy. The only limit is your imagination. Well, maybe your imagination and budget.

Or actually move up to another model for these same reasons.

If you can afford it, the purchase of a new ATV or motorcycle is an exciting moment in any rider’s life. But there’s still that practical-versus-personal inner argument.

We advocate the same for new ATV riders: start small and get bigger with your experience. But if you’ve been riding a while and are more confident, maybe you’re ready for something with more power for better performance. It increases the adrenaline rush.

On the practical side, maybe you need a different ATV or motorcycle because your needs have changed. Say you need a bigger ATV with towing capacity and more space because you bought a bigger piece of land and need to do more chores. Or perhaps you’ve switched jobs and an extra half hour’s commute every day would feel more comfortable riding lower in the saddle than the height your current motorcycle offers.

Regardless of the reasons, you can talk to your local Honda Ontario Power dealer about your circumstances and to get ideas for upgrading.

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