Why Buying a Used Mountain Bike Is a Better Idea

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Buying a used mountain bike can sometimes be a dilemma to beginners. You are always bouncing between whether to get a new bike, or to go for a used one. If you ask people, they are sure to come up with loads of reasons to back up both the stands. However, being experts in this, we will give you the best reasons why buying a used one is always a far better option for a beginner.

For starters, new bikes are always sold at a premium price. Not only can you get a second hand mountain bike in prices that are much cheaper, but also you can ensure quality by learning about your favorite brands and getting good deals from eBay or Craigslist.

To start, you need to decide the kind of mountain cyclist you aim to be. Mountain bikes can be categorized as followed: All Terrain (Trial Bikes), Freeride, Downhill (DH), and Cross Country (XC). You can buy second hand mountain bikes and engage on all your adventurous fantasies, while saving yourself a good chunk of money. If you’re a free spirit who likes to go on long rides and smell the flowers along the way, you need the light and handy Cross Country bike, if you would rather cycle on a rough ground and show off a few moves that you picked up the other day, Free riders are your thing. Or maybe you just like to feel the wind merging with your blood for some good adrenaline rush while you go downhill; there is a bike for that too.

Now of course, as a beginner you might not know what you like and you would like to experiment. Buying used mountain bikes are absolute for you. Why you ask? Two words, resale value. Resale value is the value of a good that is being purchased for the second time. Let’s say you bought a Freerider, but you’re not feeling it recently, you had a change of heart. You want to go for long rides from now on. Go to eBay, sell your current bike for a good enough price to complement your purchase of a Cross country. If you bought that bike with premium price, God help you if you freak out looking at the price difference between a used and a new bike.

Buying a used mountain bike is a smarter option. Veterans prefer buying second hand bikes to be able to continuously upgrade them and keep participating in Mountain biking competitions. Does that mean you will never buy a new mountain bike? Of course you will. Once you know how like your roads, and how you like your bikes to be on those roads. Until then, hit the sites folks, grab your gears and let’s do some mountain biking!

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