Use of Videos For Corporate Branding

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Corporate branding using videos is currently one of the most popular and effective methods both online and offline. Video marketing has proven a successful and economical tool for building awareness and image of a brand. Short informative videos executed perfectly capture the attention of viewers and bring in excellent response in a way no other medium can really parallel. With more and more people using the Internet, corporate marketing through videos is fast emerging a preferred method to reach audiences faster.

So, why is video marketing so popular than the traditional print marketing? Videos have the ability to make viewers concentrate with all their senses in action. They bring your promotional messages alive to the audiences. Text messages used in print promotion, however beautiful and effective, tend to be bland compared to the animated effect of videos. Moreover, online audiences are interested in promotional content that is instant, quick, and interesting. Videos enable you to accomplish all these, which is just another reason for their appeal.

Another major advantage of corporate branding using videos is the excellent interaction that it allows. It is as if you are speaking to your audiences in person. This type of communication is impactful and builds brand credibility. The cost-effectiveness of this marketing medium is one more high-point. It is pretty inexpensive to create a video if you consider the response and exposure it brings to your brand. Given these enormous advantages, brand building through videos is an indispensable element of corporate marketing strategies today.

The current trend of corporate video promotion is expected only to increase in the future. In a recent study conducted by TurnHere, video ranked the highest in the 2010 online marketing priorities. Online videos came out top on the priority list of companies defeating social media promotions, email promotion, and search marketing. Another significant discovery of the study was that the top reason for video usage was branding.

This study was conducted to understand the current trend of online videos and the future of this marketing medium among small, medium, and corporate businesses. Fortune 500 companies, local brands, digital entities, as well as PR and conventional marketing agencies, were involved for the purpose of the study. Study included participants at all levels of organizational hierarchy, ranging from CEOs to personnel of marketing divisions.

Hiring the expertise of a professional video production company can help you derive the maximum benefits of corporate videos. These companies are equipped with the required technical expertise, which they combine with the essential know-how of your business and audience, and creative skills, to create compelling video content.

It is recommended that you choose a video production firm that handles scripting, casting, video editing, video format conversion, and other video creation technicalities, all by itself. An ideal firm should also be knowledgeable of video optimization (the process of making videos keyword-rich so that they have maximum audience reach) techniques. Given the trends, it is clear that video marketing is an essential as well as a rewarding investment.

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