Turkey Has More Than 20 Million E-Visa Issued for Foreign Nationals

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Border crossings and airports to prevent the long tail ques has implemented the Electronic Visa Application System (e-Visa) was introduced on the April 17, 2013. So far from January 1, 2018 23 million 254 thousand 597 foreign nationals from 20 million 485 thousand 631 e-got a visa.

Border crossings and airports to prevent the visa que implemented Electronic Visa Application System (e-Visa) implemented until April 17, 2013 January 1, 2018 the period of 23 million 254 thousand 597 foreigners from 20 million 485 thousand 631 Turkey took visa for 3 minutes.

AA correspondent received an electronic visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 17, 2013, according to the information received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the period from April 17, 2013, when e-Visa started to be implemented, until January 1, 2018, 23 million 254 thousand 597 foreign tourists applied for e-Visa. While 20 million 485 thousand 631 of the applications converted to e-Visa, the conversion rate to e-Visa is 88.09 percent.

According to the data, the average of 15-17 thousand e-Visa per day, while increasing in the summer months. In the mentioned period, the most e-Visa days recorded as 46 thousand 747 and 13 July 2015.

During this period, the most organized country with 5.8 million visa England, while the UK is approximately 2.6 million with Iraq, with 2.1 million in the Netherlands and 1.1 million with Belgium followed. With 1 million euros Poland and Saudi Arabia, 856 thousand United States, 734 thousand with China People’s Republic, 662 thousand with Norway, 621 thousand with Kuwait became the most e-Visa elsewhere.

In this period, e-Visa collected 457 million 78 thousand 762 USD within the scope of visa, this figure only in 2017 101 million 776 thousand 885 dollars.

In 2017 Only 4.3 million e-Visas was acquired

According to the data, last year 4 million 801 thousand 862 foreign tourists e-Visa applied. While 4 million 287 thousand 222 of the applicants were converted into e-Visa, the conversion rate of e-Visa was 89,28%.

The most visa-granting countries in the period were the United Kingdom with 1.1 million, followed by Iraq, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, the People’s Republic of China, Poland, Kuwait, Belgium, Algeria and USA respectively.

E-Visa applications that can only be used for tourism and business purposes can be made as individual, family (minimum 2, maximum 10) and group (minimum 10 and maximum 300).

In addition to ” evisa government website for Turkey Visa application, a total of 10 kiosks, all of them is based in Ataturk Airport. Foreigners who come to the borders, e-Visas with the help of these kiosks can also take credit or debit cards. A total of 280 thousand 491 e-Visas was available thanks to the kiosks until the beginning of this year.

Processing is complete in 3 minutes

Individuals can get an e-Visa on the government website within an average of 3 minutes. Turkey visa for tourism and commerce for trips, the State Department’s foreign representations, border crossings and e-visa application systems.

Applicants applying for visa applications at foreign representations, while open to all foreigners, through border gateways and e-Visa system, are only able to fulfil certain requirements for citizens of certain countries.

Prior to the applications that was arranged from foreign representatives, Foreign nationals were asked to apply for pre-application via ” www.visa.gov.tr. In the preliminary application, the foreign national is required to upload their identity, passport and other information, scanned photograph, scanned flight and accommodation information, references and similar information to the system. Once this information is filled in, you can make a visa application in person by making an appointment.

82.56 percent of the foreigners gave the system 5 points out of 5

In the Electronic Visa Application System, applicants are required to provide their personal details, travel documents and travel dates from anywhere with an internet connection is available and they can obtain their e-Visa on condition that the visa fee is paid online.

After the application is completed, the applicants who are using the system were asked to provide their feedback about the new system and 82.56 percent of the applicants evaluated the system with 5 points out of 5 and 9.70 percent with 4 points out of 5. Comments on the system are posted regularly on the http://www.visa.gov.tr website.

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