Things Besides Not Having Auto Insurance That Are Illegal When Driving

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Most folks understand that it is against the law to drive without having car insurance. They also are aware of the fact that you are prohibited from driving while talking or texting on a hand-held device. Moreover, it is common knowledge that operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense. The list of course goes on.

Yet, there are certain types of driving conducts that is not as well-known.

The insurance people bring you 13 facts that drivers should be mindful of. Many of these can result in a costly ticket, potentially followed by a significant rise in your auto insurance bill.

Drivers Beware…

Did you know?

• In states like New Jersey, Arkansas as well as others, it is unlawful to drive while you are tired.

• Many US states do not allow drivers to go slow while in the right passing lane.

• A number of American states do not allow drivers to use headphones while operating a vehicle.

• Unless you equip your golf cart with headlights, tuning signals along with the other required add-ons that state law requires for city driving, you cannot drive it anywhere but the golf course or your private property.

• Though it may point to sheer talent, it is unlawful to simultaneously drive your car and watch a DVD movie.

• Don’t try to get out of your vehicle if you have been pulled over by a traffic law enforcer unless you are instructed to do so. This illegal act may get the cop to slap handcuffs on you.

• Most American states do not allow driving a car without a bumper -(and the excuse about the collision that caused it does not help matters even if you claim you are just driving to the auto mechanic – body shop!

• Anyone who has a dog, cat or other type of pet inside a moving vehicle without a restraint faces a traffic penalty.

• Many American states have passed the widely acclaimed ‘Move Over’ law that outlaws passing an emergency vehicle while requiring drivers to move out of its path.

• In many states, it is illegal to keep the turn signal on if you are not making a turn – quite problematic for forgetful folks who don’t remember that it still may be on after the turn!

• High beams are meant as a vision aid for cars driving on unpopulated country roads. If you have them on when there’s traffic, not only will you impair other drivers’ vision, you will be liable for a ticket!

• Applying cosmetics or doing any other act of personal grooming while driving your vehicle is considered distracted driving and is illegal.

• Drivers that play very loud noisy music from inside their cars are subject to a fine.

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