The Specialis Cycle – Saturn And Jupiter – The Great Chronoctors

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In the past the longest orbits within the solar system were those of Jupiter, 12 years, and Saturn, almost 30 years. The points at which Jupiter caught up with and passed Saturn marked the greatest super-cycle with which the early astrologers/astromoners were able to deal with. And this phenomenon occurs every 20 years. The 800 year cycle where both return in the same sign is the Grand Climactic conjunction, which marked supreme epochs in the history of mankind. This conjunction made its reappearance in Sagittarius around the commencement of the Christian era, and again in the eighth and sixteenth centuries, bringing periods of great world-upheaval. For this reason Jupiter and Saturn are called the Great Chronocrators.

The Jupiter – Saturn cycle is the longest cycle that doesn’t involve the transcendental planets, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto. The entire cycle takes approximately 800 years, and is called climacteria. The present twenty year cycle (20 year cycles are called specialis cycles) began in the year 2000 (May 28) when both were conjunct in the 23rd degree of Taurus. What do these conjuncts mean?

The year 2000 started a 20 year period which will help define the transition from material capital and national boundaries to intellectual capital and cultural boundaries. The first decade after the conjunction is a period where Jupiter dominates, the second decade is where Saturn dominates. Therefore, this decade (2000) is more Jupiterian, more open, progressive, humorous, etc. Whereas the decade 2010 will tend to be times of consolidation, testing, conservatism, and seriousness. Of course, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto modify this, which can make a decade more open then it would normally be, or more conservative. In 2020 it will be at the very start of Aquarius.

On a personal level, wherever the 23rd degree of Taurus is found in your natal chart will signify a vibrant energy source for the next two decades. You should see the house placement as crucial for your growth along religious, spiritual, philosophical, educational, financial and social pathways.

And if this Taurus degree conjuncted any one of your natal planets , asteroids or angles of your chart in May 28 2000, then that energy-force will be galvanized and accentuated to an extraordinary degree.

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