The Essence of Creating Value

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A cornerstone of any successful business is to generate value for its customers.

Value is what truly drives business relationships and, in turn, profit (job security, growth, reinvestment).

Value is, of course, a stimulus for each client to choose you in the first place. Something has value if it can efficiently meet a need, fulfill a desire, and generate a positive emotional response.

The individual defines value. Understanding and catering to these individual perceptions is the key to the world of value. Inquire, get to know what is truly being sought, what your customer truly seeks, then set out to meet and exceed however possible. Always strive to make the best even better.

“If we can fall in love with serving people, creating value, solving problems, building valuable connections and doing work that matters, it makes it far more likely we’re going to do important work” ~ Seth Godin

Both consumers and providers must benefit from the value proposition if it is to be viable. So how can this be achieved?

Innovation: Creating additional products or services that appeal to what may very well be a subconscious desire and presenting something that has appeal in part at least, because it is new and unique.

Added Value: You have a product, a service; now you wish for it to be better, more attractive, of higher value than it already possesses. Price consideration is one method; offer the same for less. Attach additional components to the original offering, more for the money. Present both added products and services for a price lower than the original; offer more for less.

The value is in providing a service. Serve the wishes and needs of your client in a manner that is worthy of their time and money while allowing your business to succeed as well, serving your needs as well.

Actively listen to your clients and get to know them; assess their buying habits, and guide them to express their hidden desires. Identify the triggers that move them to action, and above all, offer what makes them feel good about doing business with you.

Value is a matter of perception; if our products and services satisfy a client’s wishes and needs, they will perceive it to be a value at whatever price charged.

Such a service focus provides many benefits to us as individuals. We develop higher levels of attentiveness, empathy, resourcefulness, creativity, and engagement. I feel that we better ourselves in the process of serving others, and we strengthen personal relationships as well as those of our profession.

Adding value to products and services that we provide to others does indeed have lasting benefits for all.

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