Tally Solutions Preferred By Most Indian SMEs

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With a history of more than 2 decades, Tally Solutions is a multi-product organization delivering flexible business solutions for diverse as well as complex business requirements. The company is primarily divided into 3 lines of business, namely: Software & Solutions Group, Education Services Group and Enterprise Management Solutions Group. Tally has also made large investments in getting new companies and new products. The company’s education business wing offers accounting business relevant and correlated vocational training to several students and job seekers in India.

Preferred Tally Solutions amongst Entrepreneurs

Tally Solutions is quite proficient in developing the simplest, yet most commanding business management software solutions. The main aim behind designing these solutions is to manage the extended enterprise along with essential functions such as inventory management, financial management, sales and purchase management, invoicing, reporting and management information systems. For a long period of time, Tally has addressed nearly all the accounting related necessities of small businesses and their requisite to address the range of constitutional requirements such as service tax, VAT, FBT, excise, etc.

This business accounting software package offers an enterprise with a system that lets quick and easy scrutiny of information which helps in making a quick decision. It further helps in knowing the business in a better way and ensures total acquiescence to legislative requirements. Also, by using this software, a lot of time is saved which is generally spent in the collection and evaluation of data.

Tally’s multilingual product

Tally’s accounting and inventory management software has tremendous multilingual capacity with prompt multilingual transcription which provides its users incredible freedom in communication. With the help of this you can maintain your business accounts in one language view it in another and print it in some other language, simultaneously. With its multilingual product, the user can interact with the software with the help of the menu options that have already been translated into regional languages. Phonetic keywords can also be used by the user to enter data and typically, the way to use these phonetic keywords would be to spell the term in English with the software displaying it, after transliteration, in the language selected.

Are Tally Products VAT compliance?

Even in the late ’90s the software’s international products were already VAT compliant. As far as India is concerned, the company has worked with all the governing bodies to spread the knowledge of VAT. This specific software, incidentally, is one of software available in the market quite earlier that allowed supports for VAT for all states having implemented VAT. In India, many states have implemented from 1st April 2005 and again, Tally Solutions has been a leader in offering VAT return capability for these specific states as well.

Today, in India, many small and medium sized businesses in India prefer Tally ERP 9 as a business account product for their functioning. As per a study, the company stands a larger market share as compared to all other accounting software companies combined in the country. Today, millions of users use this powerful accounting software as the company continues to expand globally with offices in all major cities in the world.

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