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Freelancing has been around for a long time. When employers need services continually, as newspapers need reporters to write up the daily news, for example, they hire people on salary. When they need specific services for a single project or short period of time, they hire freelancers.

Freelancers do practically all the writing on the Net. It’s very easy to set up a freelance writing business and earn money writing content, articles, eBooks, whatever, for webmasters to display on the Internet. The marketplace is made up of hundreds of thousands of different employers each with short-term projects.

Many photographers freelance, as do writers, management consultants, personal trainers, many others. Almost all actors, dancers, singers and other entertainers freelance. Most get paid by the production or performance, maybe by the season. Very few are on a weekly or monthly payroll.

There is more than enough demand, in the aggregate, to keep these professionals busy continually. So it is with the demand for writers on the Net. In a year a writer may do 50-200 projects for 20-50 different contract employers. Each pays a little, but it all adds up and the writer ends up with a lot!

The thing that is perhaps most different is that in doing freelance writing business on the Net, you almost never have face-to-face contact with your employer. You earn money writing for people you only know by correspondence, maybe by telephone, but almost never in person.

But it’s a great way to make a living! You work your own hours, generally from home. You waste no hours in commuting, no costs for transportation, special clothing, making yourself presentable. You control your life!

Want to take a vacation? No need to ask permission, just don’t accept any freelance writing business contracts that are due for delivery during the time you’ll be out.

Need extra money? Double up and take more contracts, increase the hours in which you earn money writing, increase your income. You arrange it. Want a raise? Pick specialties that pay better, make yourself available for these, get a good reputation for performance and your income per hour-worked goes up!

So how do you get started? Well, you could just sign up with and start bidding on contracts… But it would be much better to get a few “How to..” guidebooks, written by people who have “been there, done that”. Read them carefully, profit from the experience and knowledge of the authors before starting.

You CAN just start a freelance writing business and learn by experience. However, it’s much more cost-effective to first learn from the experience of others. THEN, based on the knowledge gained from others who have gone before you, start to earn money writing and get your own experience on top of that.

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