Safely Shopping for Used Motorcycles

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There’s nothing like going to a dealership, finding the perfect brand-new motorcycle, and being the first person to ride it off the lot without having to worry about who owned it before you and how they treated it. That can be a very expensive feeling, though. For a lot of people, buying new is just out of the budget. Used motorcycles are more affordable than new ones and, with some research, you can find one that’s just as nice as a brand new bike.

Price is usually the biggest factor in deciding whether to buy new or used. Used motorcycles are cheaper than new bikes, even if they’re in the same condition. When you buy used, you can avoid the setup, delivery, and dealer fees. Besides that, any vehicle loses a chunk of value as soon as it’s driven off the lot. While many pre-owned bikes need some work done, there’s not always a guarantee that a new one won’t need any work done either.

What to Avoid

– History of Stunting: Unless you plan on doing some stunts yourself, it’s probably best to avoid anything with a history of stunting. Stunts can be really hard on the transmission, engine, and the bike as a whole.

– Salvage Title: A motorcycle usually has a salvage title if the cost to repair the bike is more than it’s worth. If you know a lot about mechanics and engines, feel confident fixing it up, and enjoy a challenge, then you might not mind a salvage title. If you’re just looking for something to start riding right away, you might want to steer clear.

What to Look For

– Low Mileage: Like cars, you want a motorcycle with a lower mileage, if possible.

– Clean Title: A bike with a clean title is a bike with no major issues. A clean title indicates that a motorcycle should be good to go without any major repairs.

– Trustworthy Seller: While you can find good deals online and in classified sections, you generally want to find a seller or dealer who knows what they’re talking about. Plenty of dealerships have huge inventories that you can browse on the computer.

The most important thing to remember when looking at used motorcycles is that it takes time. Be careful not to get too attached to anything without looking it over for damage, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have. While it may seem riskier to buy used, remember that buying new doesn’t guarantee no trouble. Sometimes a bike with a warranty will require considerable time in a shop waiting for warranty approval or waiting for parts. Plenty of used motorcycles are in the same condition as new ones. If you take the time to find a bike in good shape with a clean title, you can get a great deal that will serve you for a long time if treated right.

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