Roadshow Vehicles Usher New Form Of Advertising

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The advertising market is huge. Reports cover a wide range, but it is safe to say that billions are spent on advertising annually. The latest reports are that almost half a trillion dollars has been spent on the different forms of advertising for 2012.

There are conundrums and contradictions that emerge. Despite the huge size of the market, the majority of consumers appear to hate advertising, but still it is something that we cannot live without. Advertising pays for all of the content that the media delivers to use, and almost all the information that we receive is supported by revenue from advertising.

It may not be that advertising is hated, but it may be more than likely that the manner in which the messages are delivered is what may be disliked. Advertising is essential to the world of commerce, and what is really important is how the messages are delivered. Effective advertising requires delivering messages to the most appropriate and targeted people, and when they are most likely to react to the messages.

One of the ways to deliver timely messages to the most targeted people is to go where they are most likely to be. But that can be difficult, and requires a great deal of mobility. One of the solutions is to have roadshow vehicles.

Roadshow vehicles feature advertising that moves. Messages are presented in the least intrusive manner, yet they are still able to attract a lot of attention. These vehicles can be used as a mobile brand ambassador that puts the message about your product or service in front of the most appropriate people, and at the most suitable time. The options available for this type of advertising can improve its effectiveness while it can be more easily appreciated and may even be welcomed.

Roadshow vehicles can combine delivery of the message in several ways. Billboards that move and do not remain static or in one location can be seen by a larger number of people.

• The technology is available to include audio and video messages in the medium to improve the responses.
• The inclusion of Global Positioning systems can be used to track responses to the advertisements in real time.
• The options that can be extended as the technology advances are almost limitless. Trucks or vehicles with video messages can roll into any neighbourhood, wherever and whenever you feel is the right area and time for your message to be delivered.
• The vehicles can be used as a mobile showroom that can showcase much of the capabilities of your product or service, and can be more effective by moving your message to where it matters most.

Mobile advertising has demonstrated the generation of attraction that is twice that of static billboards. Unlike static billboards, these messages can move whenever it is seemed as necessary and can reach more people during the duration of a campaign.

Not only is the mobile message more cost effective but some studies suggest that mobile advertising has an 97% recall rate. It also appears that message more likely to be believed because they are less intrusive.

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