ProForm Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

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Not everyone can afford or justify buying an expensive, top-of-the-line recumbent exercise bike and for those a ProForm recumbent could be a good alternative. The company makes 3 models, of which one is to be avoided altogether. The following is a review of these ProForm exercise bikes.

ProForm recumbent bikes retail from around $250 to $500. As stated, there are three models of which only two are really worth considering. But let’s start by looking at the model that is better ignored.

The GR 80 retails for around $250 and is the cheapest of the recumbent exercise bikes from ProForm. It can be a good thing to build something that is very cheap, but sometimes you can build too cheaply, and the GR 80 has definitely been built too cheaply to be of any real value. You just know it’s cheap just by looking at it. The legs and stand are spindly looking, the chair looks thin, hard and uncomfortable and the console leaves a lot to be desired. But, it does have some good selling points. It comes with CoolAire fan, a heart rate monitor and 4 built-in programs. However, it has one design flaw that renders it below par; the seat can only be adjusted vertically, there is no horizontal adjustment. This is a feature that really needs to be standard on any recumbent and for this reason alone, the GR 80 is to be avoided.

Next in line is the GR 90 Trainer Cycle. Now we’re getting somewhere. The legs and stand look more robust, and it comes with a Coolux seat that is anti-bacterial and helps to keep you cool. You also get the CoolAire fan and grip pulse sensors. There are 10 levels of magnetic resistance. In addition you get iFIT personal training. iFIT card technology is proving to be very popular and is used on other types of fitness equipment. There’s no doubting that many users require some form of motivation and iFIT does give you your very own ‘virtual fitness coach’. Finally, it comes with 6 Smart Programs to give you a good cardiovascular workout. The GR 90 retails for around $400.

The most expensive model is the GT 120 Cycle. In terms of build quality and design it is the best of the models. You get everything that the GR 90 has but with a slightly better console. You also get 6 Personal Trainer workouts as well as 2 Heart Rate workouts. It retails for around $500.

Of the two you are probably better off getting the GT120, but if you want to save yourself a hundred dollars then the GR 90 is perfectly adequate, after all, you get the same programs, iFit and readouts, you just have to compromise on the frame.

A ProForm exercise bike isn’t for everyone. If you’re serious about keeping in shape or if you’re looking to upgrade your existing machine then you’re probably better off looking else where. However, if you have never used one before and are looking for something that is cheap but certainly adequate in getting you started, then these machines are worth taking a closer look at.

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