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Internet marketers have always known of buying and selling domains as a way of making some cash and profit. A very essential part of getting profits from the internet is to have one or more of your own domain names. A domain name is your pathway to the World Wide Web. You can register the domain names in your name and address. After registration, and a fixed time period has passed (60 days) you can sell or transfer the domain to another person who can buy one or more domains from you.

Many people have taken to this mode these days. They buy domain names in bulk and then sell them later to profit from them. The selling price is always higher than the cost of the domain name registration charges.

This is known as “domaining” and the people who are doing it are known as domainers. This can be very profitable if you are buying and selling domain names with potential business value. The trick is to find, such suitable domain names that are still available for registration, because almost all of the “good” domain names have already been registered by someone.

If you find several domains that you perceive can be good business value then you can register them in your own name, and then sell them later at a premium, as a way to earn money. Now if you are going to buy lots of domains then it becomes imperative that, you need to get the best possible or cheapest rate for buying those kinds of domains.

There are many different domain registration companies on the Internet. The popular services are like Godaddy, Namecheap, Enom, Moniker,, etc. Almost all of them charge less than $10 for domain name registration services for single domain names.

For selling domain names a registrar has to first obtain the permission or authentication from ICANN which is the organization that oversees the domain name registration business. Domain names ending with popular endings like .com etc are controlled by this agency. Regional TLDs (top level domains) are controlled by the respective country domain name registries’ NICs.

To get domain names at cheaper rates less than the standard market rates you need to find good domain registration services that allow this. It is hard to find such domain registration services as there are very few of these types of services. You can register your cheap domain names with hem, then you can sell them at a premium after the mandatory lock-in period is over, thus deriving maximum value from your cheap domain name investment money.

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