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Your desire to build a career in organizational development and office administration is a good measure of investing a quality resume. To become successful as an administrator job opening, you need to provide employers with a list of professional, educational and skill qualifications that would make you fit for the job. As an administrator, you will be responsible for maintaining operations integrity and balance in the workplace. A solid experience in Psychology or Human Resource is ideal but outlining your leadership, coaching and management skills will also make you a more viable applicant when being compared to other potential hires.

Ensure that your resume reflects a high sense of professionalism and excellence as a job of an office administrator requires a candidate who has a strong character and above average discipline. Start with creating a professional looking header for your application- Your full name with a completed professional title. Ensure that your title is relevant to the position. If you finished with a degree of engineering it may be best not to show that off as it is a field that may not be directly relevant to administration. It is also prudent to provide detailed contact information and a means to reach you if your primary information is unavailable. This shows employers how open you are to dialogue and your willingness to be reached for an interview for the job.

List your professional qualifications that make you ideal for the position. Office administration ideally require a background in organizational development, corporate planning, leadership training and management training – if you have professional certifications or have attended trainings and seminars on each then it will provide an outstanding image of your credentials that are tailor fit for the job. It is also advisable to list down your previous track record as an office manager, citing your professional objective and management style usage.

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