Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

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Marketing your small business can be a tough job, but it is definitely a must if you want to spread the word about your brand, and gain new and repeat customers. There are many marketing strategies that can be utilized, with online marketing nowadays as one of the most viable options by being relatively less expensive compared to traditional marketing, and being comparable in terms of reach.

But one of the newest forms of marketing is mobile marketing. As mobile users continue to rise, business owners who don’t join the bandwagon can get left behind as their competitors rise to the challenge and excel in their mobile marketing campaigns.

Small business owners don’t have the luxury of huge budgets compared to big businesses, so should they consider mobile marketing? The answer is a resounding yes. The best thing about a cell phone or a smart phone is the fact that it gives you the ability to reach people wherever they are and whenever you want. So you can definitely reap a lot of benefits if you start putting your campaign on mobile.

But how exactly can small businesses use mobile marketing to reach their customers? What are their best options for reaching more consumers at a low cost?

Let’s take a look at some good strategies small business owners can utilize in their mobile marketing campaign.

1. SMS or Text Messaging

Though SMS or text messaging is considered as one of the simplest and most inexpensive forms of mobile marketing, it continues to be an effective tool for reaching out to customers, both potential and repeat ones. Though smart phones are all the rage, not all people have them, and most people continue to be satisfied with their regular mobile phones.

The key to an effective SMS marketing campaign is to put your customers first. Don’t be one of those annoying brands that send random marketing messages to consumers – if you’ve been the unwilling recipient of these, I’m sure you’d agree that they can be very annoying. Be more relevant, and put more effort into making sure the messages you send will actually be welcomed by the receiver.

If you’re a small retail store, you can send exclusive deals or mobile coupons to loyal customers. Or if you’re in the health care field or one who relies heavily on appointment-based services, an SMS campaign that reminds your clients of their scheduled appointments can minimize no-shows.

One thing to always remember when it comes to SMS campaigns is the fact that you’re limited to 160 characters or so of text, so make sure that your text is clear and concise. You can also add a bit of charm and personality to engage your customers better.

Also, you should have a clear way for your customers to opt-in to your SMS campaign. A good idea is to ask customers at the point of sale if they’d like to receive exclusive offers and discounts sent straight to their mobile phone. If you have a website, you can also have a page where people can sign up for your SMS campaign.

2. Optimizing your site for mobile

Another relatively simple way of getting more mobile reach is to make sure that your business site is optimized for mobile. People are using smartphones much more these days, so make sure you offer a mobile friendly version of your site.

3. Using location-based services

Small business owners can take advantage of location-based services to drive more foot traffic to their physical stores. After all, there’s no better time to encourage a customer to visit your store than when the person is physically present somewhere near. These location-based services are really gaining in popularity among business owners, so it’s definitely an option for small businesses to consider.

Mobile marketing for small businesses doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. These three are relatively simple ways small business owners can utilize in their mobile marketing campaign. Of course, always make sure to plan a well-thought out campaign before jumping on the bandwagon.

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