MLM Success and the BEAR Cycle

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No one is born with greatness but all are born with great potential. We all are born with the same amount of credibility, trust and assets; zero. However, some of us get on board the journey of success and fail ourselves forward, closer and closer to greatness. This does not apply to the MLM Network Marketing Business only. It applies to business and life.

There are a few stages in the success journey cycle. It is called the BEAR Cycle: Belief, Enthusiasm, Action, Result, Belief, Enthusiasm, Action, Result, Belief, Enthusiasm, Action, Result etc. I think you get the point – it is a cycle. However it gets bigger ad easier every it goes around.

1. Belief: This is the hardest part of your MLM network marketing business and life generally. You have to believe in the opportunity and the products that you market. You have to know that you knew and still know that you possess the magic formula to the solution you are providing. If you don’t, your success journey will be short lived. It is also the hardest part of life or anything in motion. It is synonymous to all the physical laws studied in Physics. Most of your efforts is applied in the beginning. However, if you can get yourself through this stage it makes the stage a lot more easier.

2. Enthusiasm: The dictionary defined this word as “absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit; lively interest.” This part of your attitude needs to be as close to REAL as much as possible. The more you believe, the closer to real your enthusiasm is. Your first time around believing in your opportunity is strictly by faith because you haven’t experienced the solution you offer by yourself. Therefore believing strongly by faith will help in being really enthusiastic.

3. Action: Being enthusiastic because of a strong believe leads to Action. Your action is better and more effective than faking it till you make it. Your prospect, especially from your warm market, knows you and your level of success.

Enthusiasm reduces the chances of them feeling like you are selling them while you take action by sharing your opportunity, products ad services. Rather, they feel like you shared a vision.

4. Results: Most importantly, there are better chances of better results. More people will be willing to share in your MLM network marketing success journey and experience because of the honesty.

Better results makes your belief bigger. It also creates a story and therefore the journey around the BEAR Cycle get easier and accelerates ad duplicate your success faster and faster. Pay attention to this cycle because it is the difference between life and death for your success journey.

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