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Scholarships for MBA are offered by many universities in the UK. The amount provided will vary. So, will the criteria for selection. In this article, you will find 8 different scholarship options. Four of these are offered by University of Birmingham. The remaining four are provided by University of Manchester. Here are brief descriptions of these awards:

University of Birmingham

International Business Scholarship

This scholarship for MBA is for home and international students. One of the criteria for selection is that you have worked in a managerial capacity in 2 countries other than your home country. Your academic ability is another criterion. The assistance given is £5,000 on average. The last date for application has passed. But, you can keep this award in mind for future. It may be available next time. The application deadline was 11.04.2014. To learn more, visit the link below.

Global Banking and Finance MBA Scholarship

Home and international students can apply for this scholarship in the UK. A requirement for the award is work experience in the finance or banking sectors. International angle to the experience is what they are looking for. Your academic ability will also be considered. The average amount provided is £5,000. Use the link in option #1 to get more info.

Rosgen Family Scholarship

This option is available to Central/South American students. You have to show financial need to get this scholarship. The amount given is £5,000. The deadline was 11.04.2014. Find out more about this option using the link given in option #1.

Africa MBA Scholarship

This option is also financial need-based. It is for students from Africa. It is a full fee award. For 2014/15, the fee was £20,790, There are other requirements as well. Get more details from the link in the first option.

For more information about these four options, see

University of Manchester

Students looking for scholarships for MBA will be pleased to know that the Manchester Business School of the University provides such awards to 25 students in each class of MBA students. Here are brief descriptions of some of the options available at this school:

Manchester Merit-Scholarships

The best students are awarded through this program. You should have a GMAT score of at least 600. An equivalent GRE score is also accepted. The money provided is in the £5,000 to £20,000 range.

Women in Business Scholarships

You will be considered for this award on the basis of the following: your academic performance, leadership ability and personal & professional achievements. The prize range from £5,000 to £20,000.

Manchester Excellence Scholarships

Permanent residents of EU and EEA are awarded under this program. You can get one full award worth £38,800. Additionally, you can get others up to £20,000.

Young Potential Leaders Scholarships

The students considered the best during the Young Potential Leaders admission will get this scholarship in the UK. The amount given is £25,000.

To learn more know more about the opportunities available at the University of Manchester,visit

If you’re looking to study in UK, then it may be helpful for you to find ways in which you can reduce the costs. MBA students have many financial aid options available to them in the UK. By following the links provided above, you can find out if you qualify for the scholarship. UK is a popular destination for students, so you may have competition for the assistance.

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