Max International – Health and Wealth is the Promise, What’s the Reality?

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Max International came on the scene just under three years ago with two key products – MaxGXL and nFuze.

Founder Steven K. Scott, known for his American Telecast company that has winning product introductions including Total Gym and Deal a Meal, brought together some heavyweight network marketing specialists to launch the world’s first over-the-counter glutathione accelerator – a supplement that helps the body increase production of this super anti-oxidant.

So is MaxGXL and Max International just another ‘me-too’ organization, or does it offer something unique in the marketplace?

As head of my own advertising agency for more than 20 years, I have worked with a number of organizations and have developed key ‘brand’ measurables that can help determine the difference between winning companies and those that will fall by the wayside. A key factor is differentiation – why would I want to work for, or be a customer of a given organization as opposed to another company.

1. Barrier of entry: what’s to stop ‘copycat’ companies from bringing similar products into the marketplace at a cheaper cost? In the case of Max International, the two key products are based in science and are backed up by patents pending that ensure these products will remain uniquely positioned in their own category for almost two decades. In other words, no other company is offering products that match the benefits of MaxGXL. It’s like the big pharmaceutical companies that can literally ‘own’ market categories until their patents expire.

2. How strong is the market? The wellness industry is in hyper growth with predictions it will top the $1 trillion sales mark this year, up from $600 million worldwide four years ago. Even poor products can perform well with this kind of consumer trend, so a well-marketed product that delivers on its promises is certain to flourish.

3. What are the trends? Everyone knows that the aging baby boomers are driving markets these days, and a product that meets this group’s desire to stay young will see favourable revenue growth. Positively impacting this trend is a poor economy that is forcing thousands to seek alternate streams of income, such as network marketing.

There is a lot more to the story, but I believe Max International is uniquely positioned to undergo extreme growth in the years ahead. In a recent interview with the company’s CFO, former Wall Street lawyer Joe Voyticky, I was told he expects the company to become the first-ever Fortune 500 company with annual sales topping $1B.

These factors should put Max International at the forefront of a burgeoning network marketing industry. Before making the leap into network marketing, people may want to consider how they will approach their new business. Diversification through varied marketing techniques, including Internet marketing, can help savvy marketers leverage product strength into multiple income streams.

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