Make Money Working Online – What Is An Auto-Responder And Why You Need One To Get Started Online?

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I am sure that the reason why you want to make money working online is based on a number of reasons. These may be because you want more flexibility in the way you work, to be able to leverage the power of the internet and work once, but get paid over and over again, and above all, to earn an income working from your home computer.

The biggest asset for your web business will be your online mailing list and the relationship that you develop with those email subscribers on it. If your website drops out of the rankings due to the latest Google algorithm updates, you will still be able to make money working online. Why? This is because most of your income will come from the sale of products and services that you recommend to those members of your opt in email lists.

The marketing tool that manages your online mailing list is your auto-responder service. Permission-based email marketing is all about marketing to people who have agreed to receive marketing emails from you. They have given you that permission when they signed up to one or more of your opt in email lists. When you add a sign up form to your website, visitors to it can enter their details and agree to receive the emails from you. In order to entice them to give you that permission you will offer them some information in return for their details.

As permission-based email marketing is such a vital part of growing your internet business, you can appreciate the importance of having an auto-responder service.

Your auto-responder service will manage your opt in email lists for you. When a visitor signs up to one of your opt in email lists, the auto-responder service will automatically collect and record their details for you. It will then send out any follow-up email messages that you have loaded into it. You will be able to create these messages yourself and load them into the system so that they go out in a sequence that you determine. Through these messages you will build and nurture a relationship with your prospects so that they get to trust you enough to make a purchase of one of your recommended products.

You also have the option to send out messages called broadcast messages which you can schedule to go out to more than one of your opt in email lists. The auto-responder service you choose will be responsible for making sure that your email messages are delivered, and will deal with any complaints from your subscribers. The service will also provide you with an array of templates that you can use to design your sign up form. They also give you the code for the form which you then are able to add to your website’s sidebar.

So, as you can see, an auto-responder service is critical to the success of your efforts to make money working online. As opt in email lists will be your internet business’ biggest assets, you need to learn about auto-responders and set up as many opt in forms as you can so that you can begin collecting names and email addresses.

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