Hydrogen Fuel Kits for Cars and Trucks – What You Need to Know

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Myth #1

People who sell these Hydrogen car conversion fuel kits mention that these Hydrogen car conversion fuel kits burn water.


Hydrogen car conversion fuel kits do not burn water, that’s not true. They use power from the car battery to separate the water into hydrogen and oxygen elements and utilize the extra energy released to mix with the fuel and the vehicle uses the released gas more of the time than the fuel itself.

Myth #2

Hydrogen car kits aren’t useful. They spend a lot more energy splitting the water into its original elements than from burning the resulting gas. It’s just simple physics.


Hydrogen gas is used as an additive which greatly improves the efficiency of the fuel burning process. The mix burns faster and a smaller amount of energy is dissipated as heat is converted to clean energy.

Myth #3

If this hydrogen fuel conversion product works so well then why was it not brought on board so many years ago?


Car manufacturers streamline every process they have. Diesel engines, which are more efficient than standard engines have been around for longer than or as long as cars, yet they warrant only a minor presence in the automotive industry. These manufacturers always compare the benefits of an improved design with the cost of modifying an assembly line, guess what, the lower cost argument always wins.

Myth #4

Hydrogen Fuel Conversion Kits Costs must be sky high


These systems were invented by others who were extremely passionate about making that important difference in the automotive world. They had very low budgets and access to only components off of their shelves to make this product and design functional.

Myth #5

If these hydrogen car kits really are good, wouldn’t the government be using them or supporting them in some shape?


The government does not support such inventions, not because these hydrogen car fuel conversion kits don’t work, because there are no company interests or lobbyists trying to wage war on them in the background. The government is supporting ethanol fuel, which isn’t particularly effective (especially when it is in its corn form), but produces large monetary gains for the agricultural business establishment.

These are the un-adulterated facts. If you decide to try and install one of these amazing hydrogen fuel conversion kits for cars, trucks, motorcycles and more and want to save 50-80% at the gas pumps, then check out the three that passed all 5 myths.

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