How to Write Automotive Articles For the General Public

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If you are involved in the automotive industry, then perhaps you have been laid-off. You have a lot of knowledge in this sector and it doesn’t make sense for you to find a totally new career to get a job in, rather you need to use your skills and knowledge within the industry. Have you ever considered using your knowledge to write an e-book, or a newspaper column?

Maybe you have already found yourself writing articles for the general public on various aspects of the industry such as;

  • The Economic Condition of the Industry
  • The Future of Hybrid Cars
  • Cash for Clunkers
  • Chinese Tire Tariffs
  • Smart Car Imports
  • Close Dealerships from General Motors and Chrysler
  • How to Do Your Own Maintenance
  • Sports Car Performance

These are all hot topics in the automotive industry, and if you write decent articles you can even sell them. There are lots of magazines that feature automotive articles, and they are quite popular on the Internet. In fact, they get more traffic than almost any other type of article, especially in years when the industry is selling 17 million cars in the United States.

If you are engaged in writing articles of this nature, you need to zero in on your niche, find something new, or a new slant on an old theme. Over the years I have written over 550 articles on this topic, and I have been blown away by the number of article views they have received. I hope you will please consider this when you are writing your own online articles in the automotive sector, geared for the general public.

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