How To Organize Your Classic Car Restoration Garage

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Is all the junk eating up all your garage space and your classic cars are getting withered away outside in the sun, in the rain and in the storm? Classic cars are prized possessions and are not meant to lie outside amidst garbage heaps. Your car restoration garage needs to be organized and all the things need to be put in their proper places. Read on to know how you will do so.


Sort out the articles that can be reused. Throw out broken stuff and sell off such things which you will never need. If you want to derive some profits, you can also go for a garage sale.

Reorganize those things which you want to retain. Keep things of similar use together. For example, put the air tools in one place, the air compressors in another place etc.

Buy some plastic bins. You will need them. You will have to stuff all the camping gear, the craft suppliers into them. Buy some beans in which you can lock up expensive items which are expensive and which are dangerous.

Redo the walls of your garage. Fix some shelves or cabinets or freestanding holders in which you can place some of the important car restoration tools. Store heavy things in the shelves at the bottom and lightweight tools on the shelves of the top. If your garage is a small one, fix these shelves on all the 3 walls of your garage.

Not only car restoration tools, there are some other things that are essential in a garage. Some of these are brooms, rakes, shovels, folding chairs and other articles on the walls of your garage.

Fix some hooks on the ceiling of your garage. Hang the bikes from these hooks. Fix the hooks close to the sides of the walls and place the bikes on them in such a way that they hand over your classic cars.

Design a low platform so that your classic cars can slide down under if there is scarcity of space. Do not keep the cars empty. You can stuff them with some garage article for maximum utilization of space.


While cleaning your garage empty it totally. Put all the garage equipment in the driveway. Clean the garage equipments inside out and put them back in their places.

Do not store up unnecessary things which you know you will never need. This will result in unnecessary blockage of space.

Illuminate your garage well. You do not wish to work in a dingy place, do you?

Place a doormat near your classic car gates. Clean your feet in the doormat whenever you get in and out of your cars. Place another doormat outside your garage gates. Clean your feet well before you step into your homes.

Never run car engines or other motor engines inside the garage.

Keep inflammable things in safe disposition.

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