How to Negotiate a Muddy Trail When Mountain Biking

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Mountain bike riding is one of the most skilled forms of cycling that there is, this is why it is so popular with so many different people. From trail riding to forest riding to downhill descending to climbing a steep rocky path there are so many different skills and techniques that you need to learn if you want to be a mountain biking expert. One of the easiest skills to learn is how to negotiate a muddy trail when out on your mountain bike.

Learning to negotiate a muddy trail when riding your mountain bike really is one of the easiest skills that you have to learn when riding and as it is the skill that you will use most often it is important to make sure that you learn it well and get to grips with it as soon as you can. Mostly this skill is about learning to keep your balance on the bike and learn how to distribute your weight when riding. If you are riding a new mountain bike then this is something that might take you a little long to get as you will have to learn how your bike handles.

The tyres that you have fitted to your bike will also make a really big difference to how you negotiate a muddy trail, The Maxxis Ignitor tyre is ideal for helping you tackle this terrain as it is really good at clearing mud from the tread pattern. The Maxxis Ignitor was specially designed as an all round mountain bike tyre but with special emphasis on helping the rider to be able to negotiate tricky terrain. If you have not invested in a set of Maxxis Ignitor tyres and you are relatively new to riding a mountain bike it might be a good idea to go out and buy some as you will get much more from your ride experience.

Another skill to learn when riding a muddy trail is when to apply power to the pedals and when to back off. This will not only help you stay upright on your mountain bike but it will also help you save a lot of energy. Putting power down at the wrong time will mean that you might lose traction on the mud and then you will have to try extra hard to keep going or you may just fall off which is not advisable.

Learning to handle your mountain bike competently is also something that will come in handy when riding a muddy trail. A muddy trail can seriously change the way your bike handles as the mud can encase the tread on your tyres which in turn alters the feel of your bike that you are used to. Keeping your hands on the handle bars at all times is really important and always make sure that you have flex in your arms otherwise you will find yourself being too rigid which will reduce your control of the bike. Finding a mountain bike tyre which does not clog up with mud is a great way to alleviate this problem, the Maxxis Ignitor is probably the one most suited to this task.

So by understanding how your bike handles, fitting a set of Maxxis Ignitor tyres to your mountain bike and understanding when to apply power to the pedals when riding a muddy trail you should soon have this important skill mastered.

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