How to Make a Phenomenal Explainer Video About Your Company, Product or Service

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We’ve all seen them. Short, fun videos that are easy to watch and quickly tell us what a company’s new product or service does. But how does one define a “top demo video”? Is it one that runs in HD or has lots of fancy effects? Is it an animation that makes you laugh? Should it be something that you remember after you’ve watched it? Well, in our view, it’s none of these.

The key question we like to ask our customers is this.

“When you’re sitting with a customer who is really interested in learning why your company, product or service is better than other choices, what is the discovery they make in that discussion that makes them sit back and say, “Wow! That’s great!”

If your explainer video can get the watcher to genuinely “get” that one thing that is truly valuable, unique and different about your product or service, then you will have a top demo video.

In real life, the best sales people have a knack of using the right words in the right order at the right time whenever they are dealing with prospects, and your explainer video should be the same. The secret advantage of animated videos is that no live actors are needed, therefor you can take your time on the script, choose just the right voice artist and then think carefully about the visuals that go along with the narrative.

The secret to all great videos though is a great script. If the script is strong everything else will follow. A good script starts with knowing your audience, knowing the misconceptions they hold about your product or service and knowing what it is they want when looking for a provider in your market segment. Too many business owners want to make videos based on an idea they think is cool rather than one based on their customers needs.

So before you head down the path of thinking about ideas for your video, stop and ask yourself these questions:

– Who is my audience?
– What misconceptions do they have about my product or service?
– What fears do they hold about buying or making an inquiry?
– What is the benefit they get from buying my product or service?
– What do I want them to do after watching the video.
– What is the one thing about my product or service is genuinely unique and will make them say “wow!”?

If you get clear on those things you will be building a video that converts more sales and makes the lives of your salespeople loads easier.

The key thing though is knowing, without any doubt, what the magic of your proposition is. If you don’t know that, then you are not ready to make a truly top shelf animated video.

I hope this helps!

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