How to Increase Productivity and Save on Expenses – Go Green

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“Green” is the new buzzword these days and for good reason. Small measures can make a big impact on this environment we all share, so why not take a moment to review what you are doing in your office to help be green. After all, you will not only be helping the environment but you may also save a bit of green as well! These measures can also boost your employees’ productivity. Below are some suggestions to help your office be as green as it can be. Use these suggestions as a spring board for your own innovative green practices. Think about posting your green suggestion list in an area common to all employees.

* Replace incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) – according to EnergyStar, a qualified CFL will save about $30 over its lifetime, pay for itself in 6 months, uses 75% less energy and lasts about 10 times longer than standard incandescent lights.

* Print only when you need a hard copy – the less you have to use printer paper, the less you will have to buy it, not to mention you may save a tree or two. Buy Adobe Acrobat (or use it if you already have it) to “Print to PDF” which will allow you to share documents easier and access those documents remotely if you need (depending, of course, on your technological infrastructure). If you need to print, use recycled paper and reduce your margin size. The more you can fit on a page the less pages you need. Using recycled paper reduces the need for virgin paper materials.

* Send files and information via email instead of facsimile – save on paper cost and keep better track of the data you send out. Faxes can get lost in the shuffle but emails go directly to the recipient.

* Set up an office carpool or use public transportation – one less car on the road and therefore less carbon emissions. Catch up in the carpool rather than at work to increase your productivity. Use the time on the bus or the train to catch up on that book you keep meaning to finish.

* Elect to receive bills, statements, direct deposit vouchers, newsletters, and other reading materials via email or on the web – saves the cost of postage and paper products. If you send out the above materials, think about offering an electronic version to your customers. They may applaud your cost-cutting (and green) technique.

* Use mugs, plates, and cutlery for your lunch and bring your own lunch – you can heat up leftovers and save a few dollars rather than going out or buying take out and throwing away the plastic cutlery and containers.

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