How to Avoid a Truck Accident

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We live in a scary age of modernism where most of us are able to afford a car, which means that we have more cars on the road which cause congestion and accidents. Modernism has brought with it more businesses and, consequently, more trucks are on our roads, too. Car and truck collisions happen so often but how can we avoid them?

First of all, we need to practice safety when driving. This incorporates many elements.

Be alert when you drive. Be aware that you are driving with other road users and pedestrians. Look around at objects that may be an obstruction for you and avoid it. Don’t use your cell phone while driving or apply your make up when you drive. This distracts you. In an instant a truck can drive before you, and it may be too late for you to stop in time.

Don’t drive while tired. If you are tired, rather let someone else drive. A better option would be to stay where you are. If you are at a friend’s house for a braai or a party, it’s best to ask them if you can sleep over for the night rather than drive while you’re tired. Tiredness can vastly impair your driving judgement.

Don’t drive when drunk. We should all know this by now. Drunk driving is the worst thing you can do. It is illegal and drunk driving has been the cause of many fatal accidents. The driver’s judgement is impaired as they are not functioning at their full normal capabilities. Their senses are weaker, their reaction speed is slower and their eye sight is impaired by the alcohol. These factors are not a good combination for operation a vehicle.

Service your car or truck. This is the sensible thing to do. Service your car or truck at the regular intervals. Don’t skip a service because it may be inconvenient for you. Your car or truck may require an oil change, a water top-up, a tyre change, or a car or truck part fixed. If you don’t service it, you won’t know and that faulty part could be the cause of an accident.

Check the truck parts. If you are truck driver, it is good to be diligent and do a spot check before you drive your next load. Check that there are no odd sounds or parts that are hanging loosely. This could save your life.

Check the trailer connection. A truck that has a trailer connected must ensure that the trailer is connected securely to the truck. If the trailer disconnects while you’re driving in traffic, it could have devastating effects.

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