Horse Racing Handicapping – Your Own Form Cycle

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If you are trying to make money by handicapping horse races and betting on them, you know how difficult it is to be consistent. A lot of people think that is because horse racing can be unpredictable at times. If you do this long enough, however, you’ll find that the biggest wild card in the deck is the handicapper.

The problem is that every morning we each wake up in a different body with a different mind. You are not the same person that you were yesterday or the day before and tomorrow you will be different, too. The reason is that nothing stays the same in this world, including human beings.

Biorhythms are the natural form cycles of human beings. As you are probably aware, everything in nature is governed by cycles or periods. Whether it is lunar cycles, the 28 day cycle of the moon, the seasons, etc. It isn’t just animals such as horses who are affected by nature and the earth’s magnetic fields.

The study of biorhythms began with Dr. Wilhelm Fliess in Germany in the 19th century. At that time Dr. Fliess noticed his patients seemed to have periods when they were more responsive to treatment and also times when they were more susceptible to disease and illness. He began to chart these cycles and developed his theory of internal clocks that were started at our birth.

Insurance companies and other businesses have used biorhythms to know when their employees will be more productive and also more prone to accidents. The modern science of biorhythms follows four major rhythms, intellect, physical, emotional, and intuition. Just think of how each one of these may affect your performance as a handicapper.

If you are physically weakened you may not have the stamina you need to handicap a program and make many decisions. If you are emotionally excitable you may make bad decisions based on moods. If you are intellectually strong, however, you may be able to make good comparisons and handicap better. Even intuition plays a part in the decision making of picking winners and good bets.

It isn’t just horses who have form cycles and paying attention to your own energy levels and abilities will help you to pour it on when you are at your best and take it easy when you need to rest or pull back. You will find free biorhythm calculators online and there are several good books available on the subject as well. The whole point is that this business of handicapping horse races is an intellectual challenge but it also requires you to be sharp and ready to do your best and make the best decisions you can. Every athlete comes to understand the importance of mental discipline and it is no different for the intellectual sports as well.

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