Event Marketing – Five Benefits of Using Text Messaging

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The key to any successful event is attendance! Event marketing can be made more effective by implementing a text messaging call to action. Incorporating text messaging into the event marketing can provide valuable information to the event organizer and increase attendance. Here are five benefits of including a text message call to action in your advertising.

1. Increased Attendance

When you utilize text messaging in your ads, you will be able to send a event reminder. You can send as many reminders as you would like. Say 2 days before then event, 1 day before and the day of. No one that was interested and responded to your ad will forget when and where your event is taking place.

2. Advance Sales

Place a text message in your ads with a response that directs them to your website. Provide a landing page with information on the event and provide an advance purchase option. This brings in needed cash prior to the event and gives you an idea of how many people will be coming.

3. Lead Generation

You will capture all phone numbers of those that respond to your ad with a text message. This allows you to send text specials to them, or call them on the phone to close the sale and drive them to the event.

4. Advertising Effectiveness

Most events utilize multiple channels of advertising to promote them. What channels are performing best, where should you spend more money where should you spend less? By utilizing multiple text campaigns (keywords), you can measure the effectiveness of each ad and maximize your advertising dollars by spending more on the most effective ads.

5. During the Event

Keep in touch with your audience, provide specials on food and beverage or other items being sold. Have fun with the audience using text-to-vote and text-to-win campaigns. Engage everyone at the event to insure everyone has a good time and comes again next time.

Text message marketing is a powerful, inexpensive tool that can make your event more successful. From a pancake breakfast to a huge trade show text messaging is the way to go when you are planning your event marketing.

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