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As a business, you are always looking for that edge to push sales figures up. A time-tested and effective method of getting the edge is to use promotional products.

To understand the value of promotional products, we have to look at late night television. Yes, I am talking about infomercials. Scoff at them if you will, but they are tremendously successful at moving inventory. I write this as I am looking at my handy dandy onion peeler/car batter cleaner/tooth floss/dog trainer gadget!

Regardless, these commercials use promotional items to get the sales figures up. The basic idea is to tout and offer the primary product. The price usually is not particularly steep, but it is not that enticing. Then they start throwing in the promotional products. Not only do you get the Ginsu Knives, but you get can openers and all types of gadgets. In the viewers mind, these additional things may or may not be needed, but they definitely make the price more appealing.

You can use promotional products in much the same way to increase your sales. The idea is present your potential customer with a deal that just makes sense. In fact, you might increase sales because the prospective customer is more interested in the promotional product than in the primary piece being moved! Regardless, promotional products can help crank up your sales.

To really use promotional products effectively, you need to follow some basic guidelines. First, the promotional product needs to be perceived as something of quality. Second, the product needs to tie into the same theme as your product line. Third, it helps if you can have the promotional product branded to your business identity. Let’s look at a quick example.

Let’s assume I own a travel business and want to crank up my business for the summer season. Typically, I would advertise various travel specials, but how does that make me any different than any other travel business out there? It doesn’t!

A better approach is to offer the same travel deals along with a promotional product. So, what would the product be? Should I offer Ginsu Knives? Probably not. They have nothing to do with travel and your clients are probably going to have a real difficult time getting them on planes. Trust me on this.

A better option would be to use a promotional product related to travel. You would want something of perceived value, yet small for convenient packing. Off the top of my head, you could offer power converters, hidden money billfolds, free passport photos, a travel writing journal and so on. The common thread for all of these things is they tie into the travel business, have value and would be enticing.

Using promotional products to crank up your sales is a smart idea. Just make sure you have a feel for what your prospects would be interested in and how to tie such items into your marketing.

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