Dual Side Impact of Choosing Accounting Career Path

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After your schooling days are over and summer vacation is gone, now it is the best time to search for the opportunities in the field for your career. But at the same it is the hardest part of your career pathway. Your future is depended upon the decision that you take in which field you are going to.

Let’s say you already know your interests and skills. Because you have done self analysis on the field you are good at. You scored highest in the accounting subjects while studying. Calculation and numbers related work is your passion and interests. Therefore, you are clear about your accounting career path and made decision to make career in accounting. Your goal is to become an expert Accountant and wish to start up an Accounting firm. But you are not sure how to gather resources from and where to start.

To achieve a goal of being an expert accountant, there is pathway through which you will need to pass.

First of all, have a right accounting degree is foundation of your accounting career path which you already earned from educational institute. Gathering accounting career information gives you ideas on how to start accounting career. Those information could be gathered from the institutes and agencies that provide guidance on careers in accounting and finance. You may also need to find out about accounting career salary that will help while searching for a job.

Secondly, gaining strong accounting work experience is essential. For that get a job in any reputed accounting firm is your short term goal. At this stage, salary is an important factor but not as vital as work experience. You may need to adjust with the offered salary at initial phase. The second reason to accept offered accountant salary is you will get a job soon and the soon you get a job, your accountant experience start getting counted is the third reason.

The next step, as a part of your goal is to have an accountant experience for the 4 to 5 years. During this time you will have ideas of accounting work and flow that how to execute work that will help when you start your own firm. Moreover, you will learn software related knowledge used in accounting work. For example, Freshbooks, AccountEdge, etc.

Once you finish getting accountant experience and are confident about the theoretical and real work experience. The next and final step is to start-up your own accounting firm. Now you have all knowledge required to work as an independent accountant. Additionally, you can train the new employees working under you as you passed through that stage.

The reason to follow this accounting pathway is you have theoretical knowledge as well as you have taken real work knowledge before you establish your own firm. If you just start up your firm right after getting degree, the chances of being unsuccessful are high. Therefore, accounting career path in this blog will help you stabilize and grow your accounting career.

Thus, you will get benefit from your work experience:

You will not waste time in retrying if your accounting firm is not successful, if you start a firm right after graduation.

Your career growth is progressing as you are getting work experience.

Your financial growth is there as you will get salary.

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