Does A Commercial Recumbent Bike Belong In The Home?

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When it comes to home fitness equipment you can find a wide variety of opinions when it comes to how much you should spend and the quality of the equipment. A commercial recumbent bike is no different. Should you get top-of-the line the best there is? Or would a mid level or even budget level bike work just fine at home? As with most things there is no real right answer, it all depends on the situation.

For the most part, commercial quality equipment is designed for heavy use that you get in a local gym or fitness center. Many people of all shapes,weights and sizes will use it during the day, and it has to withstand that daily wear and tear. It would be the same thing as buying a restaurant quality coffee pot for your house. At home you only need ten or twelve cups a day. Commercial use would mean ten or twelve cups a minute. In a gym or fitness center, you want the machines to last a long time, and be able to withstand the wear and tear, so commercial quality is their only choice. They can’t be replacing machines all the time.

Most average families also want the equipment to last a long time, but probably do not need a top-of-the-line commercial recumbent bike as their home fitness choice. The main reasons are the cost and over-kill on sturdy. Generally, not always, but most of the time, the cream of the crop will cost top dollar. The heavy-duty construction is wasted on the average family when the bike will only be used may-be once a day or a few times a week, depending on how many family members use it..

On the other side of things, there are fitness enthusiasts with personal trainers who work out several hours a day. In this situation, a commercial recumbent bike might be in order. The other time when you would go that direction for equipment to use at home would be for a serious athlete in training. Recumbent bikes are frequently used in cross training as the low impact workout can help build cardio and endurance without straining the muscles needed for the sport. For these people the investment in commercial fitness equipment is worth the investment.

In general then, excepting for the serious training situations, it is probably most logical to keep a commercial recumbent bike at the fitness centers and use something better suited for casual usage in the home. The bottom line of course is that there is not right and wrong, the choice will be made on what is best given the situation.

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