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Dirt bikes are off-road bikes specially designed for off-road events. In comparison with the regular road motorcycles, dirt bikes are simpler, lighter and feature perfectly in long suspension travel, high ground clearance. The rugged construction with little framework and no fairings compensates for less damage in spills. Wheels (usually 21″ front, 18″ rear) have knobby tires, often clamped to the rim with a rim lock.

There are different kinds of dirt bikes for different motorcycle sports events such as:


These bikes, also known as “scramblers” are raced on short, closed off-road tracks with a number of obstacles. The motorcycles have a small fuel tank for lightness and compactness. Long-travel suspension feature allows riders to take jumps at high speed. Motocross engines are usually single-cylinder two-stroke or four-stroke units, which vary in size from 50cc up to about 650cc. Motocross sidecar features includes, bigger engines, usually with four-stroke and twin-cylinders. Motocross bikes are also used in Freestyle Motocross.


It is a modified and road-legal motocross bike, having the addition of a horn, lights, effective silencing and a number plate.

Rally Raid

Rally raid or “Rallies” is a special type of enduro bike with a significantly larger fuel tank for very long distance racing; typically through deserts (e.g. Paris-Dakar rally). Engine capacities tend to be larger, usually between 450 cc and 750 cc.


A trail bike is a dual-purpose bike, made for on-road and recreational off-road riding. A trail bike may resemble an enduro bike and may be less rugged. They are equipped with dual-purpose tires with more road legal parts, such as indicators, mirrors and extra gadgets.


A trials bike has a smaller (125 cc to 300 cc) engine with the two-stroke type being common. It may have a single vestigial seat or no seat at all. Fuel tanks are very small and as a result, give a very limited distant range.

Track racing

These bikes typically are with no brakes, nor rear suspension. The engines, fuelled by methanol, are long-stroke four-stroke singles, such as JAP or Jawa. They have at most two gears.

Here are the lists of parts and accessories of a dirt bike compiled for your viewing,

Riding Gear

• Jerseys, Pants, Gloves, Helmets, Boots


• Tubes


• Engine Oils, 2-Stroke Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Shaft Drive Oil, Brake Fluid, Cable Lube, Chain Lube, Grease and Lubricant, Fuel Cans and Accessories


• Brakes, Brake Shoes, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Brake Fluid, Brake Lines and Cables


• Handlebars, Clutch Cables, Grips, Levers, Throttle Kits and Tubes, Brake Lines and Cables, Hydraulic Clutches


• Drive, Chain and Sprocket Kits, Sprockets, Chain Guides, Chain Lube, Drive Tools

Body Parts

• Fenders, Fork Guards, Number Plates, Radiator Scoops, Side Panels, Seats and Covers, Tank Covers


• 4-Stroke Exhaust, 2-Stroke Pipes, 2-Stroke Silencers, Exhaust Tools


• Batteries, Battery Accessories, Ignition Coils and Stators, Spark Plugs, Sparkplug Wrenches and Accessories, Starters


• Engine, Big Bore Kits, Camshafts, Clutch Kits, Crankshaft Assemblies, Cylinder Kits, Drain Plugs and Oil Caps, Engine Valves and Shim Kits, Flywheels and Flywheel Weights, Gaskets, Pistons


• Fork Guards, Fork Seals, Shock Bearings, Shock Seals, Shock Linkage Bearings, Suspension and Steering Tools, Swing Arm Bearings, Fork Covers, Fork Oil


• Bearings, Shock Bearings, Shock Linkage Bearings, Steering Stem Bearings, Swing Arm Bearings, Wheel Bearings


• Body, Fender Packs, Flags and Flag Holders, Fork Guards, Gas Caps, Kickstands, Seats and Covers

Intake / Fuel

• Fuel and Air Intake Systems, Air Filter Maintenance, Air Filters, Carburetor Jets, Fuel Controllers, Fuel Filters, Fuel Lines, Fuel Tanks.

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