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China has become a very popular destination for different travelers from all around the globe. It is not surprising because the country has so much to offer. It has vast natural wonders. Employment and business opportunities also abound. Every year, the number of travelers going to the nation is increasing. It is expected to further increase as years go by. Many more travelers are recognizing the potential and attractiveness of the destination.

Of course, as foreigners, you need to secure visas to China prior to going there. Do not worry because the country is now getting more used to welcoming different types of travelers. Whether you are a tourist who aim to explore the country or a businessman who looks for business prospects, you could find and get particular and specific visas to China.

What types of visas to China are there? There are several, covering whatever kind of traveler you are. The most common are the L, the Z, the X, and the F. What are those? Read on to find out more.

Tourist visas to China

If you are a traveler who intend to go to China for pleasure, you should seek for a tourist visa. Also called the L visa, the tourist visa is the most commonly issued for travelers going to China. Any visitor going to the country is instantly issued the L visa.

The length of stay to the country should be about less than 30 days. Any tourist who intends to stay for longer than that should process necessary documents to obtain approval. The L tourist could last for more than 60 days. The travel agency or the Embassy/Consulate of China could provide more details and instructions for that.

Business visas to China

Business visas to China are often referred to as Z visas. They are issued to travelers who intend to conduct business or meet business partners in the country. Many people think that business and tourist visas to China do not vary. They are wrong. There is a great difference and it could affect how you would be welcomed and entertained by the authorities. Be warned that a visitor with a tourist visa should not in any way conduct any business function in the country or else he should be penalized.

A travel agency could all the more provide more guidance when processing business visas to China. Necessary documents should be submitted as well. Processing fees for the visa could vary compared to other types of visas to China.

The student visa

Any person who intends to study or attend school anywhere in China should apply for a student visa. There are two types of such visas to China. First is the X visa. It is provided to students who plan to stay or study in the country for more than six months. There may be a need to furnish the embassy or consulate a photocopy of the letter sent by the college or university informing the applicant of the entry to the school.

The F student visas to China are for students who need to stay shorter in the country. The visa could be instantly provided and should be complied to strictly. Do not apply for an F visa if you think you would stay in the country for longer than six months.

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