Custom Lowrider Bike Tip – Join a Club

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OK, you have a custom lowrider bike… so what are you going to do with it? Well, a great idea is to get involved with a local lowrider bike club. There are all kinds of benefits to joining a club. You get to meet new people and hopefully develop some lifelong friendships. A bike club will provide you with a place to show off your custom lowrider bike and get feedback from people that are involved with the culture. You can also get some great tips and ideas on how to further customize your current bike or gain some creative insight into ideas for future bikes.

How do you decide which lowrider bike club is right for you? The only way is to go and visit club members or, if they have meetings, see if you can stop by for a meeting. Before you go, stop and ask yourself what it is you are hoping to gain from joining a club. What is it you really want? What kind of people do you like to hang out with. Get a number of questions prepared… you don’t have to write these down, just have a good idea of what they are before you go to the club meeting. When you arrive, try to hook up with one of the club officers and get introduced around. If you have a friend who is already a member, he/she can take on this role. Once you’ve had a chance to meet with a bunch of people, you’ll have a good idea on whether its the type of organization you would want to join. Go back through the questions you came up with and see how many are answered in a way that you were hoping they’d be answered.

Next… what can you offer the club. What can you bring to the table to help your new lowrider bike club thrive. Do you work great with people? Well, if you do, maybe you can help with developing membership in the club or creating sub-groups in the club to more closely align with people’s interests. Are you good with numbers? If so, maybe you want to look into volunteering to help the treasurer of the club. Or maybe even be the new treasurer next time the clubs decides on one. Every organization has all kinds of needs. It could be a need for someone who knows how to build a website, or use email to contact its members. It could be a need for someone who is good at organizing people and events. Every individual in a club will be able to contribute in some way. You yourself have all kinds of things that to offer. What you’ll find is the more you offer, the more that will be offered back to you in terms of help, friendship and an overall positive experience at the club. Have fun with building custom lowrider bikes!

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