Classic Car Restoration and Dash Board Rejuvenation Considered

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If you own a custom street rod or classic car, you obviously want it in mint condition. That means both exterior and interior. Needless to say the outside needs to be freshly detailed, and yet, what about the inside, most folks who have daily-driver classic cars often neglect these things. But, since I know a thing or two about auto-detailing let me give you some pointers on dashboard rejuvenation techniques.

You see, when cleaning and rejuvenating your cars dashboard, it is often a matter of preference. Some people like a shiny dashboard and they use an Armor All type product with a bright shine, others think this looks obnoxious. You don’t have to have a shiny dash board to rejuvenate it or get it perfectly clean.

Indeed, if it is too shiny there might be glare onto the windshield and this can be aggravating or cause your eyes to tire as you drive. Below are some tips;

1. First, a thorough cleaning is very important. This means getting in all the cracks, using a soft-bristle tooth brush, toothpicks (plastic or wood), and it means you need to pull out those vents, soak them in soapy water and clean all around those openings.

2. You’d be surprised how must dust and debris is around the steering column and between the windshield and dashboard. You are going to have to spend the time and do this right.

3. It is paramount that you choose the right cleaner because it is easy to discolor your dashboard, and the older it is due to those years of UV light abuse, the easier it is to mess up.

4. Never spray anything, including window cleaner onto the clear plastic area where the speedometer is, as they can easily fog up permanently.

5. For cleaning I recommend those handy-wipes with vinyl cleaner in them. If not use a micro-fiber towel or small bathroom hand towel. Always spray the cleaner onto the towel, not directly onto the dashboard.

6. Sometimes, especially if it has been a while or if you smoke, there will be a good degree of crud and film on the dashboard, so this might take awhile. If you are applying a lot of pressure, fine, but do a little at a time and make sure you are not discoloring the vinyl or coatings.

7. After you have it perfectly clean now you need to apply the conditioner. This is where you need to make sure if you want it to be glossy or just regular (but protected and clean). Be sure to read the label before you purchase it.

Speaking of labels, always follow directions, different types of auto detailing products are designed to work specific ways, do not deviate from those instructions until you’ve used the product a few times, and understand how it works, and its limitations.

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