Choosing Attorney Advertising Methods for Your Needs

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Not every attorney or law firm needs to have the same level of advertising as the other. There are unique needs for everyone. Since there are so many different forms of advertising, it is important for you to look at your needs and also to look at your budget before deciding on one form of advertising over another. There are some types of advertising that all attorneys should be utilizing no matter the size of the law firm and the amount of business that needs to be generated. The following are some of the common ways to advertise and how important these forms of advertising are:

· Television and Radio Ads – These are probably the two most expensive forms of attorney advertising. While this can reach a pretty large market, it is not practical for every attorney or law firm because of the costs. Also, not every law firm can handle the amount of business that is generated from these types of ads. If your law firm is large enough and really needs the business, this can be a great tool.

· Websites – This advertising method should be used by every attorney and law firm. There are not many people left who check out the yellow pages for anything anymore. People are searching online for their goods and services and to be competitive, a website is a must. The amount of money spent is dependent upon how many graphics are used and the type of search engine optimization that is used. The more money that is spent, the more people see the website. Save the money from the television ads and get a great website instead.

· Brochures – Brochures come in two different forms; online and printed media. Both of these can be effective to bring business to an attorney or law firm. The online brochures can be a bit more cost effective and can be sent out in email lists or through affiliates. Printed brochures can cost a bit more because of the price of the ink. They are still an effective tool and are not as expensive as television or radio ads. It is always good to have some printed brochures that can be placed in areas where your specialty is sought after. For instance, if you are a criminal defender, you should put your brochures in a bail bond office.

There are many ways that attorney advertising can bring in business to the law firm. The amount of business and the type of advertising, along with the costs, are all correlated. When you spend more money, you are reaching more of your target audience.

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