Buy Used Cars And Save Big: Both Now and Later!

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Whether you are a first-time buyer or an established adult looking for a new addition to the garage, the first thing to consider is new or used? While purchasing a new car comes with a certain thrill and assurances that it will run smoothly (at least for a little while), there are also many advantages to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

Money Matters

Price is often the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a vehicle. Obviously, used cars are much cheaper than new models, although there are often concerns about any repairs that may be required in the immediate future. These concerns are mitigated, however, with the advent of independent websites that can verify the collision history, repairs, and overall mileage.

Most dealerships also certify all cars that they sell through a mechanic to alleviate any worry that a buyer may have. Furthermore, used cars grant the purchaser the freedom of selecting his or her own mechanic and prevent the owner from being contractually obligated to the dealership’s warranty restrictions. Furthermore, any new car loses roughly twenty percent of its value as soon as it is driven off of the dealer’s lot, which is not the case with a previously owned car. Unless you are confident that you can maintain a new vehicle for a long period of time in near-perfect condition, it is rarely worth the investment.

Flexible Purchasing Power

Websites like Craigslist have less verification tools and require purchasing from an individual. However, they do provide cheaper options, and that seller may be more amenable to negotiating than a dealership. For a safer route, websites like Carsoup, Autolist, or Edmunds give the individual consumer the power to research all registered vehicles, as well as common problems with each model. All sites also allow independent consumer reviews. This information often negates concerns about the car breaking down fast.

Similarly, the insurance for a used car will be much lower than what companies demand for a newer vehicle. Car insurance is a universal necessity that sometimes gets brushed aside during the adrenaline rush of a big, lifestyle purchase. However, these monthly payments add up, and the savings will too if you search within the options of used cars.

Environmental Concerns

Environmentally, it may seem counter-intuitive to state that buying an old model is more responsible in respect to our planet. However, multiple studies have shown that a hybrid needs to be ridden for 46,000 miles before it breaks even with the amount of power it takes to build. For the environmentally conscious who primarily need transportation their place of work, or simply around town, used cars are the smart choice.

Technological Catch-Up

Unfortunately, a large portion of gas stations in the United States are not prepared to deal with electric cars because they have no plug-ins or gas alternatives. In addition, some dealerships aren’t prepared with the cutting edge technology and products needed to competently service hybrid models. With used cars, the important parts are often well-known by mechanics and in circulation.

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