3 Ways To Haul Your Dirt Bike

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There are a few different ways to transport your dirt bikes or motorcycles to the track or trails. Some are cheaper than the others, and others are more convenient. It all comes down to your circumstances and what you prefer. You can transport your bike by hauling a trailer, tossing it in the bed of a truck, or putting it on a hitch carrier. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.


Some people will never pull a trailer behind their vehicle because they don’t want to deal with it or aren’t good at maneuvering. Others will use nothing but trailers just because they allow more room for hauling equipment. Trailers are good in that aspect, and it’s usually easy enough for one person to load the bikes. You can have an enclosed or open trailer depending on how much money you have to spend. Enclosed are more expensive, but it keeps the elements off of your dirt bikes and parts you’re carrying.

Although trailers have a lot of advantages, there are several setbacks. They can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you have to register them (plate, tabs, etc.), they’re more difficult to drive with and park since it can double the length of your vehicle.

Just The Truck

Probably the most convenient way to haul your dirt bike(s) is on bed of a truck. If you already have a truck, this is the cheapest way to go since all you will need are some tie-downs. Toss your bike, gear, and parts in the back, and you’re off to the track! You aren’t towing anything behind the truck, so driving and parking is just like every day driving.

The downsides to hauling your dirt bike with a truck are that it could be expensive if you don’t already own one, and loading the bike can be tricky if you don’t have help or a sturdy ramp. You also don’t get as much room to haul equipment since the bike is taking up space in the bed. If you’re just hauling one bike then there’s plenty of room.

Hauling A Hitch Carrier

A little less common, yet quite simple way to haul your dirt bike is on the rear hitch receiver of your vehicle. It’s versatile since you can use most vehicles to transport a bike. A motorcycle hitch hauler is fairly easy to install, and a bike can usually be loaded by one person. Most of them are affordable, and it’s easier than towing a trailer. Driving and parking is about the same as before since it only adds another two to three feet in length.

Although motorcycle hitch carriers are convenient, most of them have negatives. A lot of them have a slight wobble while driving down the high-way. As long as you don’t buy a cheap, low-quality carrier, they’ll last a long time. Your vehicle and hitch may also be restricted by weight limits. If you’re just hauling a dirt bike and not a street motorcycle you will be able to use most cars, but it’s a good idea to check with your manual on weight restrictions.

That’s the basic summary of what each mode of transportation for your dirt bike is going to give you. If you have the ability to try a new one out, go for it. You never know, it may be your favorite way to haul your dirt bike!

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