2021 Jaguar F-Type Heritage 60 First Look: The Swingin’ Sixties Are Back

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As far as iconic cars are concerned, some popular names from 1960s include Triumphs and MGs. However, today’s cars are not behind in popularity. The classic cars from 60s was an expression of protect and self-expression. The fact of the matter is that British sports cars enjoyed the same fate. Car models common in 1960s were leaky, finicky and unreliable.

But there was on car in the 1960s that became so popular that it earned the title of “legend”. It was called the Jaguar E-Type and was a great symbol of lust and speed. Today, the same car has been reborn in the form of Jaguar F-Type Heritage 60 special edition. This new installment is convertible and F-Type coupe.

The Jaguar F-Type Heritage 60 special edition offers the E-Type. This classic car is available in Sherwood Green color. In 1960s, this color was the most desirable one. And it has made a comeback with the new The Jaguar F-Type Heritage 60 special edition.

On the tail, you can find the “E-Type 60” badges. The second place where you can find the badges is the door sill plates. The vehicle is powered by a 3.8 liter E-Type engine, which is a 575-hp V-8 engine. The engine sends power to all of the 4 wheels. This is a masterpiece of this era, which is a combination of decades old design and 60 years of technology progression in the world of automotive.

The SV Bespoke division of the vehicle is what supports the special paint, dual-tone Caraway and Ebony Windsor interior of Heritage 60. Besides, the carpets are also Caraway-trimmed and there are aluminum-console trim as well. They are inspired by vehicle’s rearview mirror found on the original E-Type.

As a buyer, you have the liberty to choose between the convertible body type or the F-Type couple. No matter which type you choose, you will get 20-inch, gloss-black wheels, chrome trim and black brake calipers.

The results are quite impressive as all the work has been done manually. Just like other 60s cars, the green pain along with the free-of-cluttered exterior and trimmed interior makes this vintage vehicle an ideal choice for today’s buyers.

Here, you have plenty of retro flavors to support your internal counter-culture thing and still have something that is classic. Plus, you don’t need to worry about annoying electronics, oil leaks, and carburetor adjustments of an old British car.

So, this was a description of first look at the Jaguar F-Type Heritage 60. If you are interested in buying this classic yet modern car, we suggest that you stay ready. The manufacturer will produce only 60 units of this car. The sale will be commenced in the next few weeks if not days. So, you may want to contact the manufacturer to book your order.

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